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What You Get


  • New & Used listings on BoatCrazy.com and Used listings on Facebook Marketplace.
  • You'll receive email leads, phone calls and more visits to your dealership location and website.
  • New Dealer Account BONUS:  BoatCrazy will create, manage and pay for a 30 day Facebook Advertising Campaign promoting your listings to buyers in your local market area.
    • More buyers will see your listings resulting in more leads and sales.
    • Carousel Ad like the one pictured to the right.  Displays up to 10 listings, users can scroll through multiple listings, then visit the full listing details on BoatCrazy's website.
    • Delivered to the Facebook Newsfeed (they can't miss it) of boat buyers in your local market area.
    • This is a great demonstration of what you can do for your own dealership with the PRO Plan.
  • Reports and data proving the results and ROI.
  • Easily cancel (we doubt you will want to) prior to Month 4 billing date.  Month 4 will convert to regular pricing and a three month commitment.

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