"This site is Explosive!  Especially with the exposure on Facebook Marketplace that has been an incredible game changer.  It’s a very hot and productive new lead source. This is where prospects & buyers get their interest piqued and pick up the phone and call or visit your website. BoatCrazy gets buyers to you so you can get them to your boats!   In the past 2 months the site has generated over 20 leads resulting in at least 2 sales all at a cost of less than $5 per lead!  Compare that to the fees on the Big Listing Sites”.

  - Lou Mencuccini – South Mountain Yachts, Monarch Beach, CA
      6 boat listings – 7/13/19


“Well it’s been a couple months since you pushed my inventory to FBMP.  All I can say is HOLY COW!  I can honestly say that I receive more leads from you than the huge sites.  I didn’t think that was possible to be honest. I would say conservatively I get 10 leads from BoatCrazy & FBMP for every one I get from the big expensive listing site!  30 years in the business and I am rarely surprised anymore.  This one certainly surprised me!  Thanks again for everything.”

  - Bob Filger – Angler’s Edge Marine, Dingman's Ferry, PA
     257 boat listings – 7/14/19


In 15 years running BoatCrazy, I've never seen a bigger game changer than Facebook Marketplace delivers for BoatCrazy clients, boat dealers and boat brokers.  Results are very impressive.  We've got much more in store for 2020... including campaigns to drive more boat buyer traffic to BoatCrazy."
   - Gery Baar, President / Founder 2005  BoatCrazy.com, Sarasota, FL


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