BoatCrazy attracts boat buyer traffic in many ways.


Overall site traffic increased 24% Aug 2019 - Jan 2020.
Expected growth to exceed 20% in 2020.


Organic - search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

  • 64% of overall site traffic. 
  • Increased 12% previous 12 months.  17% increase last six months over previous year.
  • From thousands of keyword search phrases. i.e. "fishing boats for sale", "boats for sale near me", "lake of the ozarks boats for sale"
    • January 2020 - BoatCrazy included in search results from over 15,000 keyword search phrases.
  • Many #1 and Top 5 keyword phrases.  Top 10 rankings on dozens of search phrases.

Referrals - from links on other websites

  • 11% of site traffic.
  • Increased 29% previous 12 months.

Direct - users go to directly

  • 10% of site traffic.
  • Increased 10% previous 12 months.

Social Media

  • 7% of site traffic.
  • Increased 405% previous 12 months!
  • Due mostly to publishing listings on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Dealers can achieve similar increases with the GROW or PRO Plans.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

  • Google Adwords - Search & Display Campaigns
  • Bing Advertising - Search Campaigns
  • Facebook Advertising

NEW!  Big increase for 2020!

BoatCrazy will advertise New Dealer Account listings to their local market areas with dynamically generated Carousel ads.  Delivered to the Facebook Newsfeed of interested boat buyers.  A highly effective promotion opportunity that Dealers can do for themselves with the PRO Plan.

Facebook Carousel ad example below.  Generated dynamically from the Facebook Catalog of BoatCrazy listings.

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