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Is it wise to post boat dealer listings with personal Facebook accounts?

At first it seems like a good idea... but there are costs and lost opportunities of having salespeople or staff publish listings with their personal Facebook accounts.  Instead, publish your listings connected with your Facebook Page and brand identity.

Advantages of Dealer Branded Facebook Marketplace Listings.

   • As provided by BoatCrazy GROW and PRO Plans.

  1. Builds your brand and name recognition with every listing view.
  2. Display Dealership Phone & More - Facebook strips out any phone numbers or email addresses in personally posted listings.  The only way for an interested buyer to inquire is to send a Messenger Message to the individual who posted it.  Dealer Branded listings displays the phone #, location, website link and FB Page link under Dealership Information for each listing.  All this provides interested buyers more ways to connect with your dealership.
  3. Increases your website visits.  The listing Dealer Information includes your website link.
  4. Tremendously more efficient.  It's automatic!  Listings from your website are fed to BoatCrazy and then to Facebook Marketplace.  Wheras personal postings consume unnecessary staff time by composing listings and posting images which you've already done on your website.
  5. Significantly increases your Facebook Page Likes, Page Views and Interactions.  This is valuable and has a big payoff.  Your Dealer Facebook Page link is displayed with in the listing's Dealer Information.  Users will visit your FB Page and review other posts and may Like your Page or Posts.  Increased Page Likes will payoff anytime you make other posts, more people will see them.  And it's certainly more impressive to customers if you have a larger number of Facebook Page Likes.
  6. Management Oversight
    • Quality Control - You control what is written about your listings and images posted.  You've already done it... whatever you post on your website is what appears on Facebook Marketplace.
    • Response & Follow-up Management - Ensure Inquiries are responded to in a timely and professional manner.  All Inquiries appear in the Facebook Messenger for your Facebook Page.  You'll never see responses for your staff posted listings.
    • Accuracy & Updates - What about Price changes, additions or corrections to listing info?  When you update your website listing... it's done!  No need to have staff update personally posted listings.
  7. Multiple people can respond to Inquiries, whoever you assign appropriate Facebook Page Roles (Admin, Editor or Moderator).
  8. Eliminate unnecessary work.  Rather than repeating work already done that can be automatic, staff time is better spent on other things... like improved focus and response to sales Leads and Inquiries.
  9. Chat Bot - Improve efficiency and response to Inquiries even more with an automated Chat Bot that BoatCrazy can install on your Facebook Page Messenger.  
    1. Inquiries can be responded to instantly... 24 hours a day / 365 days per year.
    2. BoatCrazy provides a Chat Bot template that is connected with our listings database.  This allows messages to be sent including details about the listing.  And automated follow-up messages.  For example... 24 hours later an automated message could be sent to an Inquiry "Joe, did you have any more questions about the 2007 Sea Ray 340?"
    3. Customize the Chat Bot to as simple or complex as you like.  Change the message wording.  Send automated messages promoting other things like your Services, Rentals, Marina, Promotions... anything.
    4. Options to schedule it to run only during non-business hours, or have different responses.  The best responses are by your human staff, but they aren't always available.

FREE is never without costs.  It pays to publish your listings connected with your Facebook Page and brand identity.  Step up to our GROW and PRO Plans for this functionality.

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