Improves efficiency, Inquiry response and customer satisfaction.

BoatCrazy installs ManyChat bot to your Facebook Page Inbox/Messenger.  The chat bot automatically responds to Inquiries with helpful information, saving time for your staff.  Your staff can then personally respond to specific questions.  The chat bot drives buyer propsects to your website, increasing their engagement with your dealership.

BoatCrazy developed a ManyChat Template that connects with the BoatCrazy database .  This provides helpful features including:

  • Retrieve listing details and your dealership info to include in automated messages.
  • Sends the user a link to your website listing details page.
  • Tracks user Inquiries.  We provide you a report for all Inquiries you can use to ensure good follow-up by salespeople.  You can download all Inquiries for review, import into CRM etc.

Customize the chat bot however you’d like.

From very simple to elaborate with many features.  We introduce you to a certified ManyChat Messenger Marketing Expert to customize and support your ManyChat implementation.

Ideas for Customizing Your ManyChat bot

  • Change the wording of the messages, add new ones, eliminate some etc.
  • Add messages promoting your Service Department, Parts, Marina, Storage, Slip rental etc.
  • Ask the user for their email address or phone number.
  • Automated Follow-up Message. Example: 24 hours after initial inquiry, ask "Do you have any more questions about the 2006 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer?"
  • Schedule it - Respond to Inquiries personally during business hours, and have the chat bot respond automatically when no when is available.
  • Automatically assign Inquiries to a specific staff member for follow-up. Send them email or Facebook Notifications.
  • Automatic response to commonly asked questions.  Facebook Marketplace displays buttons to the user to send common questions.  These include:
    • Is this still available?  (most commonly submitted question)
    • Can I schedule a time to see this?
    • What's the vehicle's history?
    • How many people owned this previously?
  • Fully customized Main Menu visual carousel to mirror your website's branding and navigation

Key Elements of BoatCrazy ManyChat Template

  • Sends user your dealership phone #
  • Sends user a link to the listing on your website.
  • With ManyChat Live Chat (an alternative to Messenger) you can see if the user clicked the link and visited your website.

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