Boat listings with a Price will outperform Call For Price.

16 years experience has proven... listings with a price generate far more leads than Call For Price.

  • Most boat shoppers have little idea what the value of a boat is.
  • They need to know if the boat is within their price range.
  • Users are increasingly reluctant to submit their contact info to a salesman unless they know it's in their price range and confident they are interested.
  • Majority of users will skip a Call For Price listing and look at others with a Price.
  • Facebook Marketplace requires a Price greater than zero or they won't publish it.
  • User searches for boats often include Price Range Criteria.  Listings with zero price will not be included in these searches and will not be seen.



If you don't already have an Internet pricing strategy, post an aggressive Price and leave yourself a little room for negotiation.  Some buyers insist on getting a "deal".


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