To place a boat-for-sale ad, go to Sell Your Boat.  Dealers or Brokers please visit Dealer Corner.

Advertise Your Business to Boat Shoppers and Buyers

Reaching consumers while they are in the boat buying cycle is a critical time to reach them for boating related products or services.  Or for any products or services that match the consumer demographics of people buying boats.

Display your advertising on BoatCrazy through the Google Adwords Display Network.  With your Adwords account select BoatCrazy as a Managed Placement. More specific instructions can be found here.

Custom Advertising

Don't use Adwords or want greater control of your advertising on BoatCrazy?  We can place ads for you on BoatCrazy with a custom solution.  Please Contact Us, let us know your goals and budget and we can customize a solution that works effectively for you.

BoatCrazy - Boats for sale by owner and dealers

Since 2005 BoatCrazy has brought boat sellers and boat buyers together.  Boats for sale by owner and boat dealers.  All boat types and price ranges.  Individuals can list boats for sale for a one-time low fee, the ad runs until sold with no monthly fees or commissions.  Boat Dealers and Boat Brokers can list their boats for sale at rates far lower than other boat for sale websites, and reach more boat shoppers and sell more boats.