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Houseboats are primarily homes that float on the water. Most of our HouseBoats for sale are what you call "Cruising Houseboats". These are highly mobile and have motors and hulls like a boat. Whether you are interested in recreation or full time living, houseboats can provide a comfortable way to enjoy the boating lifestyle year round.

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Houseboats FAQ

Are Houseboats Popular on BoatCrazy?

Houseboats are popular on Boatcrazy, publishing and purchasing remains seasonal however those looking to purchase a houseboat are generally highly motivated.

Houseboats come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional looking 100% boat to a more modern house-like design. The average cost for this type of accommodation starts at about $50k but there's no limit on what you can spend! With the large variety of houseboats available, it's no wonder that prices vary.

Yes. Houseboating is a great way to live on the water. You will enjoy all of its benefits and there may be some financial advantages as well! Depending where you live, your houseboat might not have property taxes, how about that!

Getting a houseboat or floating home loan is as straightforward as any other loan once you find the right lender. Locating one might prove difficult, but not impossible! Realtors who deal in these types of properties will know where to locate lenders and dealers that specialize in them, so don't go without trying all your options first.

Yes. Houseboats are treated as real property in most states, but this doesn't mean that houseboat owners must pay property tax on their vessel like you would on a house or land.

On average the cost to live on a houseboat is $955 per month. This cost is subjective to the lifestyle you are accustomed to, so this is an estimated cost. Costs are variable from person to person. The average however is still lower than the average household bill.