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Bass Boats For Sale

Bass Boats  

These are primarily small freshwater fishing boats. Bass Boats are usually rated for up to five passengers, but really designed for two or maybe three anglers, who cast lures from open platforms at the bow and stern. 

Lengths range from 16 - 24 ft.

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Bay, Flats or Skiff boats for sale

Bay / Flats / Skiff  

Designed for shallow water, Flats boats can access inshore fishing locations other boats can't reach. Flats may have a poling platform over the engine for anglers.

Bay Boats may have higher sides and slightly deeper hulls which make them a great hybrid option for smoother performance in large bays or lakes. 

Lengths range from 13 - 22 ft.

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Center Console boats for sale

Center Console  

Typically saltwater fishing boats, the primary characteristic of the Center Console is a command station centered on a level deck.  This is different from a walk-around where you step up onto the deck or a raised surface. Their versatility has made them a very popular boating type around the gulf states as they provide 360 degrees of fishability. 

Lengths range from 18 - 42 ft.

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Fish & Ski boats for sale

Fish & Ski  

All purpose watersport boats which may have live wells, rod storage, or other fishing amenities. The engines can be inboard or outboard and usually powerful enough to tow skiers or tubes. Generally these are very versatile boats accommodating many family activities. 

Lengths range from 18 - 26 ft.

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Sportfish boats for sale

Sportfish / Convertible  

Larger boats designed for multi-day outings and larger fish in deeper waters. Sportfishing boats are a step up from Center Console fishing boats and may come with fully enclosed command centers and elaborate out-rigging setups. 

No adventure is too ambitious in a Convertible Fishing boat with a luxurious interior that is much more like a Motor Yacht.

Lengths range from 25 - 80 ft.

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Walkaround boats for sale


Vessels with a forward cabin surrounded by a wraparound deck.  Similar to a center console, the Walkaround boat is a little larger with more amenities. Commonly used for day cruising and saltwater fishing, This boat type usually fills the gap between those looking for Center Consoles and Sportfishing boats.

Lengths range from 18 - 30 ft.

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