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For Power Play on the Water.

The PWC ( Personal Watercraft ) is a popular form of water sports that can be used in fresh or saltwater. The vessel uses an inboard motor for propulsion via a water jet pump, and can be operated by standing, sitting or kneeling by the user.

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Yamaha, Sea Doo, Kawasaki.

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PWC / Waverunner & Jetski FAQ

Should I buy a new or used PWC?

When you're in the market for buying a PWC, there are many things to consider. Think of it like buying a car, you can have the latest model for a higher price, or you can spend less money and pick a used model that other outdoor enthusiasts have enjoyed. Pick the best choice for your needs, lifestyle and budget.

A new jet ski will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the engine, body, and features you want to spend your money on. On Boatcrazy we have plenty of options for new and used PWC / Waverunners & Jet Skis.

If you own several PWCs, each one will need to be insured, but may not require its own policy, as some boat insurance policies can be built to cover personal watercraft as well.

Ownership costs for jet skis can vary widely depending on the model, but generally, it will cost the same as running a small car due to high-performance engines and unique technical solutions.

You can, of course, buy a PWC throughout the year, but around Fall is considered to be the prime time to buy, as many manufacturers will offer deals leading to a cheaper purchase price.

The significant difference between riding a Jet ski and a Waverunner is the position of the user. With a Jet Ski, the rider will most likely be standing up, a Waverunner, meanwhile, allows you to sit down during your entire ride.