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Bass Fishing boats are lightweight boats with outboard motors designed specifically for bass fishing. Often these boats are configured for freshwater fishing with a flat deck and provide room for just two or three passengers. A Bass boat is a highly specialized and efficient vessel optimized to give anglers superior fishability. Some important features to look for on a Bass Boat are aerated livewells, swivel seats, and tackle storage.

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When looking to buy a quality
Bass boat, consider these top Bass boat Manufacturers:

Ranger, Bass Cat, Legend, Skeeter, Nitro, Crestliner, Triton, Tracker and G3.

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Bass boats FAQ

Why is it called a bass boat?

In the past, Bass boats were a type of sport fishing boat that was popular for striped bass off-shore from America's Atlantic coast. Now used as a popular fishing boat, usually in freshwater such as lakes, rivers and streams.

On average, bass boats mostly fall into the range of about $20,000 to $45,000, but can go up to over $100,000 for new Bass boats, but you can find Bass boats starting as low as $5,000 on Boatcrazy.

The average Bass boat top speed is around 45 mph. However, the fastest boats can reach up to 70 miles per hour

The Ranger is the most popular Bass boat, and the one that carries a lot of weight in the Bass boat industry. They are known for the quality of their design and construction, the fit and finish of their boats, and are among the most durable manufacturers of Bass boats. You can find full listings of the Ranger brand at Boatcrazy.

Bass boats are great for fishing because of their shallow draft, large deck space to cast your line from and ample storage capabilities. They also hold their value which is also important.

If you are looking to buy a New Bass boat, September and October are the best months to start your search as most manufacturers and dealers start to offer discounts and incentives.