How do I find a specific type of boat on Boatcrazy?

You can browse listings by boat type (e.g., pontoon, center console) and category (e.g., saltwater fishing, deck boats), allowing you to zero in on specific styles. Additionally, you can search by make and model if you have a particular brand and model in mind.

How do I find boats for sale near my home?

You can easily find boats for sale near your home using our search tool. Simply enter your city, state, or zip code in the Location field. This will ensure that you see listings in your local area.

How do I contact a seller about a boat listed on Boatcrazy?

Each listing has a contact form built right in. Just click Message Seller and you can send a message directly to them. Alternatively you can call the Seller directly from the listing page.

What happens after I find a boat I'm interested in?

Simply contact the seller through Boatcrazy to ask questions, discuss the boat further, and express your interest. You can then schedule a viewing and negotiate the terms of the sale.

Are there any fees associated with buying a boat on Boatcrazy?

At Boatcrazy, we connect buyers and sellers, and there's no fee for you to buy a boat on our platform. This means you can browse listings, contact sellers, and negotiate deals without any additional charges from us.

Can I finance a boat purchase through Boatcrazy?

Yes! We are proud to work with our lending partner, who can offer the best rates with fast and easy low-interest financing for any boat, with no age or model restrictions.


How do I know how much my boat is worth?

Selling a boat you love can be bittersweet. We understand the emotional connection, but setting a fair price is crucial for a successful sale. Be honest and do your research!
Look online for similar boats, considering factors like location, upgrades, maintenance history, engine hours, and if it comes with a trailer.

Boatcrazy is here to help! Use our Free Valuation Tool to estimate market value and generate a Boat History Report (available with listings) to showcase your boat's story. By combining your knowledge with our resources, you can price your boat competitively and attract serious buyers who appreciate its unique value.

How much does it cost to list my boat on Boatcrazy?

With Boatcrazy, you can list your boat for a one-time fee starting at just $19 (for boats valued up to $10,000) or $69 (for boats valued at $150,000 or more). Your listing remains active until your boat is sold, automatically renewing for free every 60 days.

We also feature your listing on Facebook Marketplace, giving you exposure to millions of potential buyers. There are no monthly fees or commissions, ensuring that you can sell your boat quickly and without any additional costs.

Is it easy to list my boat on Boatcrazy?

It takes just minutes to create your ad, which can be packed with unlimited information, up to 36 photos or videos, and you can update it anytime to showcase your boat perfectly. Plus, we offer automatic publishing to Facebook Marketplace, instantly expanding your reach to millions of potential buyers.

How can I track the performance of my boat listing on Boatcrazy?

From your dashboard you can see how your Boat listing is performing.You will see how many times your ad has been viewed and how many calls or email inquiries your ad has received from potential buyers.

How long do used boats take to sell?

Knowing how to sell a boat is easy when you know the factors that buyers will judge your listing by. There are many factors; the quality of your photos, where the boat is located, the condition of the boat, the time of the year. But the most important factor is the price. Buyers want value for money, so the price of your vessel will always be the biggest selling influence!

How do I sell a boat with a loan?

Just as you would sell a car under the same circumstances, it is the same when you sell a boat. You must receive enough from the buyer to pay off your existing loan, otherwise, he won't be able to receive the title and you will be liable for any balance left unpaid.

Is support available from Boatcrazy?

We offer phone, email, and online chat support. At Boatcrazy, our mission is to help every customer, whether you're browsing for a boat and require form guidance or seeking any other assistance. We’re here to help you!


Why is Boatcrazy a good fit for dealers?

Boatcrazy, a leading online marketplace connecting boat buyers and sellers nationwide, can be your perfect partner. We offer a cost-effective platform for dealers to list their entire inventory or specific boats, reaching a wider audience of active buyers actively searching for their dream boat. Enjoy a streamlined listing process, receive direct inquiries from interested buyers, and manage everything conveniently from your dashboard. With competitive listing fees and no hidden costs, Boatcrazy allows you to focus on what matters most - selling more boats!.

How does Boatcrazy work?

We seamlessly integrate your boat listings into our national directory, exposing them to a vast network of active buyers. This translates to increased website and dealership traffic, along with direct inquiries from qualified leads interested in your boats.

How much does it cost to publish on BoatCrazy?

We have the most competitive boat listing fees. We require NO long term contracts on our plans, and a 100% transparent cancellation policy anytime with 15 days notice. Pick one of our 4 listing packages that fits your boat marketing budget. See our packages here.

How do you collect leads?

We have a number of ways to collect leads from customers. We can collect, form entries / lead emails, phone calls, Chat Bot (on FB Marketplace) and website clicks. We can feed leads to your CRM, or Email in real time, or you can log into BoatCrazy and see them directly.

Do you provide multi location or yearly discounts?

Yes, if you have more than 1 location, we may be able provide a discount for annual contacts. Please reach out via our support line to learn more, we are always happy to discuss volume discounts.

How Does BoatCrazy Generate Traffic?

Founded in 2005, BoatCrazy attracts boat buyer traffic in many ways. Organic - search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo etc have increased our organic traffic 30%+ year on year growth. Our 15,000 keyword search phrases are responsible for 70% of our organic traffic. Referrals - from links on other websites 11% of site traffic. 12% go directly to BoatCrazy and Social is around 7% but growing rapidly.

Does Boatcrazy provide support?

Yes, we provide phone, email, online chat support. It is our mission to make sure that every Boatcrazy customer, whether you are looking for a boat and need help navigating the form or a dealer looking to update their pricing for a boat... We are here to help you!.

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