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Sailing on Calm Seas.

As the name suggests, sailboats rely partly or entirely on the power of the wind for propulsion and use large cloth or synthetic sails for this purpose. We have many kinds of Sailboats for Sale and as they differ by use, size and strength – it’s important to consider carefully which type of sailboat is best for your intended use.

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When looking to buy a quality
Sailboat consider these top Sailboat Manufacturers:

Hallberg-Rassy, Dufour, Beneteau, Brewer, Bluewater, Irwin, Herve, Endeavour, Corsair, Sabre, Hardin, Gulfstar, Willard.

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Sailboats FAQ

How much does an average Sailboat cost?

Cruising sailboat prices vary. The average cost of new cruising sailboats is about $250K; however they range from around 100k all the way up to 500k For used models you should expect an expense between 10k-100k

To date, the average price for sailboat insurance has been around $250 to $1500 per year. This varies based on what type of policy and how much coverage you need- but it's usually cheaper than power boat insurance!

Obviously, the best time to buy a Sailboat is when the time is right for your budget! But there is never a bad time, as long as you are ready to handle the responsibility of owning such a boat, and on Boatcrazy, we have plenty to choose from! Each season also has its advantages and disadvantages, so understanding what each season presents can be of great help in finding a better deal.

Cruising Sailboats are the ultimate way to explore long distances, but for a Sailboat to travel a long journey, the boat needs to be livable, should have the right amenities and plenty of storage space, and should be able to travel at a decent speed. Moreover, it should be strong and durable.

Sailing through the Indian Ocean has come to be a challenging task owing to its characteristic of being one of the most deadly ocean waters in the world.

Centerboards are an essential part of any boat, but they're especially important on smaller vessels that don't have the weight or power to self-propel. Centerboard equipped boats range in length from 12 - 25 feet and work as both stability and steering systems.