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Pontoon boats are an exceptionally customizable boat type that can provide for a wide variety of boating activities. Often these boats are configured with a large flat deck that rests on multiple pontoons. Pontoons are usually very spacious and allow for passengers to move about quite a bit. Some pontoons come with powerful outboard motors which can handle towing tubes and wake surfers.

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When looking to buy a quality
Pontoon boat, consider these top Pontoon Manufacturers:

Harris, Bennington, Manitou, Barletta, Godfrey, Sun Tracker, G3, Fun Country and Avalon.

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Pontoon boats FAQ

How fast will a 20 foot Pontoon boat go?

On average, a 20ft Pontoon boat will reach speeds of around 23mph. Pontoons 20 to 22-foot, are well suited for lakes and rivers that do not have large waves.

Mid-sized boats are well equipped to seat up to 13 passengers. The larger 23 to 28-foot boats are capable of cruising through rough waters and offer enough space for up to 15 people to enjoy a day on the lake.

For beginners, towing a Pontoon boat for the first time can be a very daunting experience, but actually loading and towing your pontoon boat onto the correct trailer and accessories can be fairly easy. Ensure you move it to shallower waters first before attempting to load.

There is no magical time to buy a Pontoon boat, as we always have plenty of listings all year round. But, winter seems to be a better time to buy a pontoon boat, as this is the season when many boat shows are held. During this period, boat dealers tend to go to great lengths to come up with the best deals to catch the attention of people who watch the shows.

A Pontoon boat mpg will vary depending on the weather and conditions, but 3.5 miles per gallon is not too far from average. Weight and specifications also play a part on fuel consumption.

The average cost of a new pontoon boat ranges from $15,000 to upwards of $175,000. The price will vary greatly depending on factors like size and accessories. Obviously, buying a new pontoon boat instead of a used version does carry a significantly higher price tag, but it will come with a full warranty. You can also get a good deal on used Pontoons though, and there are plenty for sale on Boatcrazy, for as little as $5,000 you can start having fun on the water!