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Harris Boats On Boatcrazy

Harris is a well-known manufacturer of pontoon boats, founded in 1956.

In 1957, they produced the world's first pontoon boat manufactured on an assembly line, and they continue to be a leader in the boating industry, with Boating industry naming their Grand Mariner as a Top Product for 2022. Harris prides itself on the quality of workmanship that goes into each and every one of its first-class, luxurious pontoons. Harris is committed to providing its customers with the best possible experience.

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Harris Boats Frequently Asked Questions

Harris boats are in the mid to high-end price range with their fleet of luxurious Pontoon boats. View a wide selection of Harris boats on Boatcrazy from $11,495 to $280,467.

Harris builds luxurious Pontoon boats using a precision-engineering process to ensure that each pontoon is of the highest quality. Harris Pontoons offers a variety of models to accommodate different needs, from entry-level to their bigger models which can easily accommodate a crew of twenty.

Harris has an extensive line-up in their model series, which includes: Crowne, Grand Mariner, Solstice, Sunliner, and Cruiser. Some of their more popular models are; Sunliner 230, Cruiser 210, Grand Mariner 250, and Solstice 230.

Harris Pontoons are a great choice for all types of water activities and family fun on the water. They are stable and reliable, making them ideal for day cruising on lakes and waterways. They are also great for fishing and water sports.