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Performance boats offer a considerable boost in power and speed compared to their recreational counterparts like bowriders and cruisers. Typically featuring narrow beams and high power to weight ratios, performance boats also come with less creature comforts and passenger capacity. This is understandably so, as weight is counter productive to the objective of speed. Although, there are now Exotic powerboat makers that can provide both luxury AND performance for a price.

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When looking to buy a quality
Performance boat, consider these top Performance boat Manufacturers:

Catamarans: Mystic Powerboats, MTI, and Skater Powerboats.
Deep V-Hulls: Fountain, Cigarette and Outerlimits.

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High Performance boats FAQ

How much does a high Performance boat cost?

The price of a Performance boat can vary from $18k up to $1.6k and can sometimes run upwards of several million dollars.

High performance boats can be used for a variety of purposes, from day cruising and racing to fishing or other leisure activities. One popular activity is poker runs. This involves a fleet of performance-boats running from point to point to collect five cards.

Depending on what type of activities you need a Performance boat for, sizes can vary. But you do need to choose one that you can handle either as a beginner or an experienced speed boat owner. According to Boatcrazy listings, the smallest current model for sale is 17ft and the largest is 50ft

These high-performance boats are designed to be fast, light and strong. Cabins are normally small, with seating anywhere from 2 to 6 passengers.

The cost of boat insurance can be difficult to determine because it depends on so many different factors. The type and size of engine is one factor, as well as how old your vessel might be - high-performance boats typically have higher coverage rates due to their ability for greater damage if they collide accidentally against another boat or object.

The fastest boat in the world, according to Guinness World Records is a hydroplane called “Spirit of Australia”. This vessel reached an estimated speed of 344 mph!