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Cigarette Boats On Boatcrazy

Cigarette boats have been synonymous with high-performance boating since 1969. South Florida-based Cigarette is the most recognizable brand in its sector, thanks to its use of advanced engineering and personalized craftsmanship.

No two Cigarettes are alike, each boat reflects the passion of its craftsman and the unique vision of its owner. From sleek outboard-powered Center Consoles to powerful inboard Performance boats, Cigarette has something for every boater that enjoys the iconic, stylish design and powerful high horsepower engines. Interestingly, the name came from a famous Rum-Runner, who transported illegal shipments of alcohol from larger ships off the mainland during prohibition. The boat he used was called The Cigarette.

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Cigarette Boats Frequently Asked Questions

Each Cigarette boat is unique, so the price range can vary according to its features and capability. View a wide selection of Cigarette boats on Boatcrazy from $64,000 to $1,350,000.

Cigarette boats are iconic and stylish high-performance or Go-Fast boats and with their high-speed hull design and powerful engine, Cigarette boats are built for speed.

Their model series include: Tirranna, Huntress, Nighthawk, GTS, Marauder, Top Gun. Some of their popular models are 38 Top Gun, 42X, 42 AURORIS, and the 41 NIGHTHAWK.

Cigarette boats became popular in the offshore racing scene, but are now used by boating enthusiasts that love speed.