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Bertram Boats On Boatcrazy

Bertram Yachts was founded in 1960 in Miami, Florida, quickly gaining a reputation for designing luxury motor yachts.

Today, Bertram offers a full line of Sport Fishing and Convertible motor yachts, designed for the ultimate boating pleasure, with their versatility, strength, and timeless style. Their commitment to quality, performance, and Seaworthiness is reflected in every Bertram Yacht built. Although Bertram's boats are smaller in size than traditional yachts, they are built with the same attention to detail and focus on luxury. Bertram's team of engineers utilizes cutting-edge technology to create boats that are fast, stable, and efficient, without compromising on style or heritage. All their models are designed for the best possible Fishing and Cruising options for the discerning owner, now under the ownership of the Gavio Group, Bertram continues to set the standard for performance and quality in the boating industry.

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