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Larson Boats On Boatcrazy

Larson Boats was an iconic boatbuilder that established itself in 1913. The company manufactured their first gas-powered outboard models in the 1920s and became the world’s most extensive fiberglass runabout boatbuilder.

They became known for their Bowriders and Cruisers, making them a popular choice for families. Larson Boats was discontinued by Polaris in 2020, but because of their, quality craftsmanship, their legacy continues on through the many Larson boats that are still on the water today.

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Larson Boats Frequently Asked Questions

Larson made very affordable entry-level boats of good quality and reliability. There is a wide selection of Larson boats to choose from on Boatcrazy ranging in price from $6,500 to $199,990.

Larson built boats with classic designs, good-quality craftsmanship, and great features, giving its boats a sleek design in their Bowriders, Express Cruisers, Cruisers and Fish & Ski.

Larson had a large variety of models in their line-up and some of their more popular models were the, 310 Cabrio, 290 Cabrio, Senza 186, and Cabrio 274.

Larson is a great choice for all types of water activities and family fun on the water. They are stable and reliable, making them ideal for day cruising on lakes and waterways. They are also great for fishing and water sports such as tubing and waterboarding.