5 Ways to Make Your Boat More Attractive to Potential Buyers

So, it’s time to sell your boat! We have put together a list of five top tips for making sure you get your sale!. Listing your boat without getting your boat ready or understanding the market dynamics can lead to your boat sitting on the market for an extended period of time. If this occurs, it can have a negative impact on the sale price and result in a frustrating experience. 

Spring Clean – An important part of selling your boat is making sure that it looks great. From the minute a customer sees your boat, whether online or in person, they are creating an opinion about how well you take care of it and what type of quality you offer. You want to impress them! 

  • Clean any debris from decks or other surfaces so there’s no chance for dirt buildup around windows  or on furniture.
  • Dust every surface — don’t forget behind things where dust tends to collect most,  especially cabinets and in corners. 
  • Clean out small spaces such as drawers and cupboards.
  • Adding Charm as nothing looks worse than an empty room either; so consider adding some personal touches such as fresh bedding and towels which can add just enough charm (not clutter) while still leaving plenty of open spaces.


it’s important that any service should be completed before the boat you sell your boat, and that all the mechanical components are in good working order. If your buyer is going for a test drive before they decide, then there would be nothing worse than if your boat malfunctions! And neglecting them at this stage, will affect your selling price.

There are many reasons to take your boat in for frequent maintenance. Keeping records of everything you’ve done can also be helpful when it comes time to resell or trade-in a vehicle; this way there’s no confusion on what has been changed before and after purchase!

Know your market

If you are looking to sell your boat, it is important that the price point of your listing reflects what buyers in the market for a vessel like yours would be willing to pay. You may have an idea about how much money you want before going into this process—but odds are, once all is said and done with buyer negotiations, inspections and appraisals included; you will make less than expected or maybe even lose out on some profit.

This information gives power to the customer because all other similar listings are available at their fingertips. They can determine for themselves what your boat is worth, and therefore they will offer a price that reflects this valuation – but you always have control over what you’re willing to accept!


You want your boat to be the one that stands out from all of the others, so you need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to sell your boat

This means not only making a great first impression with appealing photo’s but also highlighting any unique features such as an updated engine, new seating or any other recent upgrades. . You should take photos (using natural light) throughout different times of day, like sunrise and sunset if possible!

Also, it also never hurts to make note of any extras included such as fishing rods or life jackets – make those details stand out by mentioning them specifically when listing items inside the vessel itself

Before you start selling your boat there are many things to consider like having copies of titles and registrations for documentation. You also need to know all specifications about the vessel such as dimensions, tank sizes and mechanical information. Make sure that any upgrades or services completed in recent years have been noted somewhere on record so they will not go unnoticed during inspection; this could include warranties that are still active too!


You want to make the absolute best first impression that you can when selling your boat. We have often seen nice boats listed in run-down marinas or on private property with a for sale sign because of ill-prepared marketing efforts, and then to see them languish without any interest from buyers. The problem is not just about saving money; if it’s worth putting in all the   hard work in preparing your vessel for sale then why wouldn’t you take care regarding where you put your prized possession?

You could also consider placing your boat in a show, this is especially good for larger vessels. Boat shows can be expensive but they often do the trick! Check out an events calendar near to where you live, or invest in a Boat Broker who could help you sell your boat at a show.

Whether you’re looking for a boat to buy or sell, we hope this guide will help point you in the right direction. Selling a boat can be challenging especially now that buyers have access to countless online resources!

While these tips may not guarantee success, they will improve your chances of finding the perfect buyer! 

Interested in learning more about how we can help? Head over to boatcrazy.com/sell for more information on how to list & get multiple offers fast!

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