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Cobalt Boats On Boatcrazy

Cobalt Boats was founded in 1968 in Neodesha, Kansas with the goal of creating luxury and performance boats. Over the years, the company has expanded its lineup, with their timeless designs from small Cruisers and Runabouts to high-end Speedboats.

Malibu Boats bought the company in 2017, and today, Cobalt still continue to produce some of the best boats on the market, perfect for Cruising, Wakeboarding, and all Water sports. Their unique combination of forward-facing propellers, Cobalt's commitment to quality and innovation has made them one of the most trusted names in boating.

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Cobalt Boats Frequently Asked Questions

Cobalt boats are in the mid to upper mid-price range. You can view a wide selection of Cobalt boats on Boatcrazy from $11,000 to $549,995.

Cobalt builds high-quality boats with great features for all boating enthusiasts. From Cruisers and Runabouts to high-end Speedboats.

Their line series include; their Outboards, their Sterndrives, and their Surf Class. Some of their more popular models are R7 Surf, R30, R4, and R5.

Cobalt boats are good for beginners and experienced boaters alike. They can be used for all water activities such as day Cruising, wakeboarding, and family fun on the water.